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A Father is a feature-length fiction film of the "biopic" genre (historical and biographical
drama), inspired by real facts and characters. Covering almost half a century (1950-
1994), the film's plot reconstructs the exceptional destiny of RAIMUNDÃO, the patriarch
of the Souza Vieira de Oliveira family. Together with his wife Guiomar, Raimundão
experienced a cultural and economic ascent that allowed him to change his own social condition. In spite of his success, Raimundão has never stopped transmitting to his six children - all boys - a lot of exigency and determination, values that explain the roots of the successful trajectory of two of them (the eldest and the youngest) who have become, 10 years apart, national icons in the most popular sport in the world: SOCRATES (captain of the Brazilian national team in 1982 and 1986, and one of the icons of Corinthian democracy), and RAÍ (world champion in 1994, and idol of São Paulo and
Paris Saint Germain). In addition to their outstanding sports careers, both of them also
stand out for their exceptional political and social commitment.

Feature-length fiction film

DIRECTOR: Marcus Ligocki

SCRIPTWRITERS: Erwan Massiot / Rodrigo Borges

SCRIPTDOCTOR: Miguel Machalski

PRODUCERS: Fernando Muniz / Carolina Venturelli


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About Dois Hemisférios Produção Cinematográfica

The company Dois Hemisférios Produção Cinematográfica was officially founded in July 2013, in Brasília (Brazil), by Carolina Venturelli and Erwan Massiot.  It aims to promote audiovisual content for cinema, television and digital media, through its own projects or those of third parties.

It develops both documentary and fiction works, in several formats (series, feature film, short film). Besides its original look about the Brazilian society (theme of all its productions), Dois Hemisférios stands out for its international positioning, due to its experience in the French and Canadian markets for over 10 years - Erwan Massiot's first acting as Producer and Director was in 2006, in Canada ("Bonne chance à nous tous", Capoté Circus/ONF-NFB Production, 2006).  The production company Dois Hemisférios is the result of the concretization of a professional duo that already existed since 2007, when Carolina Venturelli and Erwan Massiot made their first work, "Brasília Minha" (documentary, 52 minutes, a Les Films Grain de Sable/ IRD/ Voyage co-production, 2009), and soon after made a second documentary "Far-West Amazônia", a Les Films Grain de Sable/ Cirad/ TV Lyon co-production, 2011), always focusing on Brazil.  More recently, the company co-produced and collaborated on several projects, such as the web-series "Dany's Day" and the feature film "Sur la route avec Socrates" ("On the road with Socrates") with Dany Cohn-Bendit, co-produced by the ARTE channel. From 2014, Two Hemispheres invested in the development of original projects, among which, the feature fiction film, currently in development ("A Father"), as well as the documentary series, "Everyone Loves Brazil" (13 X 26 minutes), "Bread of the World" (13x 26 minutes) and "Benefactors Association" (13 X 26 minutes).


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